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Sample Apostilled Document

Sample Apostilled Document from India

In India only the Ministry of External Affairs can issue the Apostille. The Apostille is different then the regular attestation. The Apostille is a Certificate of Authenticity and Genuineness of a document.

What You need :

1. Original Documents
2. Copy of Passport
3. Name of the country for which you need Apostille.

How to do :

The process of Apostille involves two steps; one is the authentication of documents from Issuing states home department. Second step is to submit to the Ministry of External Affairs for Apostille.

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Non Judicial affidavits are required to declare a statement of fact(s) before a non judicial authority such as Passport Office, Schools, Post Offices, Banks, etc. The main purpose of the Non-Judicial affidavit is to assert fact(s) on oath where there is no body to contest that fact.

Parts of Non-Judicial Affidavits

There are five main parts of a Non Judicial Affidavit.

  1. Non Judicial Stamp Paper
  2. Affirmation by Deponent
  3. Assertion of Facts
  4. Verification by the Deponent
  5. Attestation by Notary/Oath Commissioner.

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